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About Me

I was born in Hradec Králové and I have every stayed loyal to this beautiful city. It holds so many cherished memories of my childhood, studies and profession life.

The phase that I regard as one of the most important periods in my life is involvement in the 1989 revolution activities.  In those days, I was a member of the Student Strike Committee so I participated in organizing protest demonstrations and negotiations with the ruling class. I have respected Václav Havel, and especially his belief that no law, no constitution, no public official may be more than ordinary justice since then. I have been pursuing that attitude in all public or manager posts I have held or I am holding now. I believe that politeness, humanity and diligence should be the basic values of any political official.   

I was elected to the Local Authority where I worked as Deputy Mayor for the city development. I had a clear vision of how to help make Hradec Králové a better place for living at the very beginning. During the period when I worked at the Municipality, I tried to ensure that the system of procurement procedure was made transparent so a good amount of financial resources could be saved out of the budget. Additionally, hugely successful drawing of subsidies from the European Union due to introduction of an integrated development plan added to the financial stability in the city. Municipal investments were directed towards the public space revitalization with the aim to restore the life there. So we were restoring significant squares and streets, parks and sports grounds in Hradec Králové. We have managed to build up fairly interesting space on the site of historical city terraces or the Labe banks. We did remember public facilities. New kindergartens have arisen in the city and some objects were renovated where the citizens are provided with public services.    

I have been involved in politics since my student years, I guess, I will always be there to help wherever and whenever needed. No matter it is at the local, regional or national levels. I do my best in all manager posts I have ever held, in politics, in the life, the public sphere and relations, at the University in Hradec Králové. I am proud that people trust me, that I am regarded as a honest, fair and sincere man, politician or human being. I think than being the true man, human, helpful and beneficial is my mission.

Jindřich Vedlich

My Supporters

doc. MUDr. Karel Barták, CSc.

Senator (1996-2008) and University Teacher

I was a Senator in the Parliament of the Czech Republic between 1996 and 2008. Jindřich Vedlich was my assistant and the manager of the senatorial office in Hradec Králové all the time. What I want to say is that provided you voluntary work with a man for twelve years, so he must meet your professional and moral criterions. I value Jindřich for his personality and his manager skills. I could always lean on his words and deeds. Jindra was born and studied in Hradec Králové where he has been living all his life. Since he knows a lot of people in the region and is able to communicate in a non-conflicting way, I frequently entrusted him with talks with representatives of bodies and organizations of the statutory city of Hradec Králové. He also did a good job in the social sphere beyond the senatorial office. Help to the needy apparently brings him also his personal fulfilment.   

Mgr. Tomáš Zdechovský

Member of the European Parliament

I highly value Jindřich’s professional attitude and politeness in all political spheres. I am happy there are right such people in public administration who regard their profession as their mission and do not resign themselves to the human values such as politeness and diligence.

Miroslav Beránek

‘Hradecký Majáles’ (Hradec Králové’s May Festival) Organizer

Hradecký Majáles has been among the most popular events in Hradec Králové, and I must say that it is thanks to a perfect support and cooperation with people from the Municipality. Jindra was always among the helpful and I thank him a lot. The thing that I like is that he is a regular visitor to Majáles so he knows that it is not that easy to arrange such a huge event, and I must appreciate that although he was always very busy he had always his door open for us. Together we found a way how to solve both little and big problems. Jindra, thank you!

prof. PhDr. Jiří Skopal, CSc.

Artistic Director of ‘Jitro’ choir, Deputy Head Teacher of the Elementary School of Arts

I have known Jindřich Vedlich for many years and I have ever regarded him as a polite man. I am very happy about that the position of Deputy Mayor he held has not changed his character. He is still the same and hard working, the one who never hesitates as to give his hand to others. My warm thanks go to him especially for his help with renovating the building of our Elementary School of Arts Jitro. I meet him mostly at our choir concerts he goes to regularly. He who loves music is usually a good man.

Mgr. Daniel Kroupa, Ph.D.

University Teacher, Political Scientist, Charter 77 Signatory

I have known Jinra Vedlich for long. I can say, with clear conscience, he is a good man and a responsible politician with whom cooperation has been ever exemplary. Yet I mostly value his desire to fight for freedom and democracy. Jindra, I support you in your political activities and I warmly greet you and all your sympathizers.

Ing. arch. Jan Ritter

Chairperson of Labská stezka o.s. and Director of Labská cesta o.p.s Nymburk

I first met Jindřich Vedlich on a ride called ‘Tour de Labe Handicap’ where barriers on the cycle path ‘Labská cyklotrasa’ were charted. Although it was raining he rode his bicycle wearing his suit and tie and led the peloton and three handbikers through his city. Since then he has never missed a year although the events mostly take place at the weekends. We work together on removing barriers not only on that path. It is also thanks to Mr. Vedlich that we are able to reduce original rivalry between Hradec Králové and Pardubice and change it into fruitful cooperation. I value his purposeful work on the Hradubická cyklostezka (cycle path between these two cities) and the city of Hradec Králové development. If only there were more such politicians.

ThDr. Martin Chadima ThD.

Clergyman, Czechoslovak Hussite Church

I have known Jindřich Vedlich for ages. I value him as a man, colleague and a person who cherishes Christian and humanitarian values. I respect him for his diligence, purposefulness and honest effort to help the city and the region where he lives and which he likes. I think highly of Jindřich Vedlich because he has kept his sense of humour despite his solid social and political positions, he has not become arrogant but remained a humble person unlike many politicians. 

Daniel Vlček

Contrabass Teacher and Philharmonic HK member

The thing that binds me to Jindřich Vedlich is our friendship we established at the Elementary School of Arts Střezina as parent-teacher relation a few years ago. I highly value his opinion as to the city budget for the sphere of education, culture and social affairs as he thinks it should and must be balanced. He is an open and straightforward politician. I do believe that Mr. Vedlich perceives the life as a journey, the journey to democracy and acting in the interest of the public as a service where it is possible to pursue his ideas, aims and ideals. It is honour for me to support him.

Mgr. Zuzana Truhlářová, Ph.D.

Institute of Social Work, University of Hradec Králové

I have known my colleague, Jindřich Vedlich, as a hardworking, dutiful and solid man. We have been working together in the sphere of social workers’ education for long. Despite being busy he is working as a teacher and an assistant professor at the Institute of Social Work, University of Hradec Králové. His pedagogical activities are appreciated by both students and his colleagues. He deserves praise and thanks for his effort.

Kamil Guzek

5th Dan Karate, SK Karate Spartak Hradec Králové trainer

I have known Mr. Jindřich Vedlich for long. I have known him as an exemplary politician, karatist and caring father. I have ever admired his huge diligence and effort, reliability and humanity. It is right due to these qualities that it has been honour to me to cooperate with Jindřich in dojo as a trainer or at numerous events organized by our club, including the Karate Grand Prix World’s Cup, illustrative events or seminars with Japanese karate instructors. I am also interested in his work in politics. I have ever been looking forward to meeting him as an organizer and personally. Correct exercising karate is also focused on improvement of physical and mental qualities of a trainee, and especially strengthening the moral side of a person. From this point of view, Jindřich Vedlich is an exemplary karatist for me, no matter his huge working load does not allow him to come to dojo as often as he wants.

Luboš Prokopec

FC Hradec Králové

I have known Jindřich Vedlich for long. We have met each other thanks to football when I trained six-year-old boys. Even then, when I was a young trainer, he was kind, open and fair to me. We met again after some years thanks to football, and now we have opportunity to cooperate in Hradec Králové’s football club. He supported us at the winning moments as well as during all seasons when we were not doing particularly well. Thanks to my personal experience, I can say he is reliable and always fulfils what he promises.

Ing. Jiří Stránský.

Member of PRO GOČÁR association

I have known Jindra Vedlich a number of years. He is a person who is exceptional, I am sure. Enumerated in the alphabet order: communicative, fair-minded, friendly, helpful, honest, obliging, patient, polite, willing to help others, well-educated, yet with thirst for knowledge, versatile and interested in events. I am glad he is selflessly engaged in our city and region prosperity. And personally, I am glad I have not missed him either in space or time.

Ing. Jan Petrof

Petrof, spol. s r. o.

I have known Jindřich Vedlich for many years. He is honest, hard-working and loyal, he has a great sense of responsibility. If only more such people worked in public administration.

plk. gšt. v.v. Ing. Miloslav Neuberg

President of the 11th Regional Branch of Airmen Association of the Czech Republic in Hradec Králové

I have known Mr. Vedlich for many years and I am sure he is honest and responsible, he has helped a lot also us – our social organization – Czech Airmen Association. It is also his merit that air activities at the airport in Hradec Králové has been restored, as business activities of air companies are being developed there, as well as is hosts national cultural and sports events. My thanks go to him especially for his personal assistance at unveiling a blue plague to our East-Bohemian airmen who lost their lives during World War 2.

PhDr. Pavel Horák, Ph.D.

Director of Czech Boys’ Choir Boni Pueri 

Everybody wishes our region would be administrated and represented by polite and wise people. I believe that Jindřich Vedlich was and will be such a person. I met him in the times when he faced the power’s malevolence as a student during the Velvet Revolution in Hradec Králové, and I see him as an industrious and modest politician, who is able to work without useless gestures to his own profit, but for welfare of all people in our city.

PhDr. Jaruška Morávková


I have known Jindřich Vedlich for many years. His daughter, Terezka, would come to me for physical exercising for some years, and we have been very close to each other since then. Mr. Vedlich encouraged me during my hard beginnings and helped me to find an appropriate place where I could work with my clients. I know he is honest and reliable, I trust him, I can turn to him for help or advice anytime. He does not promise what is impossible and he always does what he promises.

Ing. Vlastimil Klazar

Authorized Civil Engineer ČKAIT (Czech Chamber of Engineers and Technicians) for transport constructions and municipal engineering branch

I have known Jindra for more than twenty years. He is conscientious, industrious and purposeful and has social empathy. Generally, he tries to react to people’s needs to their satisfaction. He is known for supporting sports and social events. As Deputy Mayor he quickly oriented himself and complete many great events realized in Hradec Králové. I believe, he will ever defend rights of us, the Hradec citizens and care for flourishing our home town in all aspects.

Prof. Ing. Karel Kolář, CSc.

University Teacher

I have had a chance to cooperate with Jindřich Vedlich within education of some branches guaranteed by our workplace. I know Jindřich Vedlich as a polite, industrious and responsible person.

Slušná politika in Hradec Králové

The Facebook profile SLUŠNÁ POLITIKA V HRADCI (Polite politics in Hradec Králové) had been created to support me when I stood as a candidate in the local election with a credo: ‘humanity, politeness and diligence’. I thank all of them for their support. I pursue these values in my daily activities and I tried to propagate them in the Municipality Hradec Králové and I will always do. Allow me to introduce updated contents of SLUŠNÁ POLITIKA V HRADCI.

In my opinion and by my experience public administration should be performed by people who are aware of their obligations to the society. Holding the public office is not aimed to produce own wealth in favour of harming work efficiency. Elected representatives often do not remember that their decisions affect society more or less – that is our lives. As long as the effort to their benefit will prevail we cannot have effective public administration advancing common interest.   

My aim in politics is nothing else but to advocate principles that are obvious in west Europe: the responsibility for taken decisions, fair and correct decision-making, following public interests, efficiently investing public resources and so on. These are spheres that are not paid enough attention in Czech milieu. Yet advocating of them leads to considerable improvement in the public sector functioning. Principles of ethics and efficiency inclusion leads to economical spending public resources, and also to increase in all taken steps.  Therefore resources will be saved and outputs better.

Provided you agree with that mentioned above and you want to participate in advocating SLUŠNÉ POLITIKY V HRADCI be a part. You can comment or criticize events in the Municipality of the city of Hradec Králové, submit proposals for improving the situation, accent the spheres I should devote myself to and so on. Become a sympathizer of a group whose aim to make self-government work like in advanced countries.

Thank you, Jindřich Vedlich

Projects directed by Jindřich Vedlich

Selection of the completed projects directed by Jindřich Vedlich, when he was Deputy Mayor for the city development:

  • Cycling path Slatina – Černilov
  • Cycling path Třebeš – Vysoká nad Labem
  • Digital Planetarium of Communication
  • Traffic Park incl. facilities
  • Completing the Sports Hall Třebeš
  • Dům u Špuláků
  • Firehouse Březhrad
  • City Walls – Jižní terasy and Terasy pod Kanovnickými domy restoration
  • Playground Farářství
  • Kindergarten playground – MŠ Kukleny
  • Kindergarten playground – MŠ Plotiště
  • Playground Olympia
  • Sports field Slávia
  • School playing/sports area ZŠ Horákova
  • Pavement and cycling path Jana Černého
  • Pavement Kladská Librantická
  • Pavement Svinary
  • Klicperovo divadlo – the Theatre foyer renovation
  • Crossroads Koruna and adjacent area
  • Foot and cycling overcrossing by the Winter Stadium
  • Machkova – pavement and zebra crossing
  • Městské lázně – Slunná loučka (city swimming pool and sunbathing area)
  • MŠ Kukleny construction
  • MŠ Plotiště – Sever, playground and sewerage
  • MŠ Podzámčí – construction
  • MŠ Svobodné Dvory
  • MŠ Úprkova
  • Nové městské infocentrum (new municipal information centre)
  • City-owned schools renovation
  • Boni Pueri building renovation
  • Eastern Bohemia Museum (National Heritage Site) – renovation of the building
  • St. Nicolas Church in Jirásek Park – renovation of the building
  • Park Skleněnka
  • Car Park, street Formánkova
  • Pedestrian crossing Resslova
  • Crossing Na Rybárně and Hrubínova
  • Daneta object extension in street Severní ulice for Daneta purposes
  • Regeneration of Benešova Avenue, Stage 1
  • White Tower restoration
  • River Labe right side bank renovation
  • Šimek Park renovation
  • Avenue tř. ČSA restoration
  • Street Uhelná restoration
  • Sports grounds Bavlna restoration
  • factory Vertex revitalization – the centre for lifelong learning
  • extension of kpt. Feuchtner car park
  • stairs next to a city transport bus stop Obří akvárium
  • Streets Dědkova, Štolbova, Slunečná
  • Street Palackého incl.
  • Traffic regime adjustment – ZŠ Štefcova
  • Hrubínova adjustments to parking –street Hrubínova
  • Philharmonic Orchestra Hradec Králové- building and room equipment
  • Public green space – design and planting – Slezské předměstí (suburb)
  • ZŠ Sever – sports/playground extension and CCTV system
  • ZŠ Svobodné Dvory – loft conversion
  • And many more …

The selection of planned projects directed by Jindřich Vedlich, Deputy Mayor for the city development:

  • Asphalt path Zděná Bouda – the Forest Cemetery
  • Centre for Education in Polytechnics
  • Cycling path and road Tesco – Makro (building permit)
  • Cycling path HK – Stěžery
  • Cycling path of Jan Černý, stages
  • Cycling path Malšova Lhota – Stříbrný rybník
  • Cycling path Piletice – Pouchov – Rusek  (building permit for Piletice section)
  • Cycling path Plácky – Třebeš (through Labská cyklostezka)
  • Further stages of Benešova Avenue regeneration
  • Extension of accessible path in the city territory
  • Old People’s Home Koželužna
  • Intelligent traffic system
  • Crossroads Mileta
  • New overcrossing at Aldis (building permit)
  • New parks of small Labský náhon (Pernštejnů, Sádky, Koželužna) (building permits)
  • Odlehčovací služba Honkova – lightening service project
  • Street lights Stříbrný rybník – Svinary (building permit)
  • Parking house by the Faculty Hospital
  • crossroads Stoletá
  • transfer intersection Fortna
  • Hvězda area restoration
  • Street Brněnská and St. Wenceslas Square restoration
  • Adalbertinum building restoration
  • Streets Pospíšilova, Pražská, Hlavní restoration
  • Street K Labi and section of street Machkova (building permit)
  • Large Square restoration
  • Forest Cemetery extension and renewal
  • Severní terasy (Northern Terraces)
  • Sports area Svobodné dvory
  • Sports Hall Pouchov (building permit)
  • Path to Tern
  • Use of Delen area in street Resslova
  • Use of the airport area (completed study)
  • And many more …